March Public Meeting

TZM Toronto will be hosting a public meeting on March 4th, from 7PM to 9PM at the OISE (252 Bloor Street West) in room 2-211(2nd floor).


  • Introductions
  • Brief Introduction to the Movement
  • Discussing Recent & Upcoming Events
  • Projects Team – What it is & How to get Involved
  • Zday 2015 (Update)
  • Discussions Regarding Current Local Events
  • Open Discussions – Questions and Answers

New agenda topics may still be added until meeting date

Please remember to bring your questions, as we encourage active participation!

As always, this is a free event! Feel free to bring any friends and/or family!

After the meeting, we will go to a nearby establishment to talk in a less formal setting.

Hope to see you there,
TZM Toronto Core Team

TZM Toronto supporting the “Frack Off PDAC” event on March 1st!

The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto supporting the “Frack Off PDAC” event hosted by the MISN: Mining Injustice Solidarity Network at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 1st! Below, you will find a copy of informational material that they were handing out to the public, and pictures that were taken of the event.

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Image 10846181_1409199226050165_3411701536522212552_n 10995935_1409199266050161_2441099467889312392_n frack 2 frack 6 11041719_1409199479383473_3574222845567689078_n1514954_1409199072716847_2351867809821637969_n

Written by: Ely & Rui, TZM Toronto

Z-Day Flyers

We welcome anyone and everyone, who is willing, to download and print these flyers and put them around Toronto! The more we share them, the more awareness can be brought onto the movement and onto Z-Day!

Colour Flyer for WPGrayscale Flyer3







Education Without a Price Tag!

The internet has made it so that plenty of information is accessible to the population. The great thing about this, is that even university and high school courses can be taken online from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere with just about any device that has access to the internet) and they are 100% free.

Websites like Coursera and EdX give people a chance to learn about topics they are interested in, in case they: never had a chance to learn about them, couldn’t afford tuition, or didn’t have the luxury of a proper education. The simplicity of being able to log onto the website of your choice to take a course at your own pace, and take quizzes on the information you just learned, is becoming very real. These methods of education also provide forums, which allow students to communicate with one another from around the globe, often allowing them to learn from each other instead of always having to rely on the ‘teacher’.

This relates to a key aspect of what The Zeitgeist Movement advocates, because information should be available for everyone to access and it especially shouldn’t come attached with a price tag. It’s important to recognize that we live in a society wherein not everyone has the time, energy, or money to attend a learning institution, whether secondary or post-secondary. However, the will to learn still exists within most people, even if they do not have the means to obtain it. Websites like these may just be providing us with a glimpse of what education will look like, in some ways, once we are closer to a Natural Law/Resource Based Economy.

Written by: Ely & Rui, TZM Toronto

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