TZM Toronto supporting March Against Pan Am Games


The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto attended “Shelters Not Spectacles: Torchlight March Against the Pan Am Games!” on March 9th of 2015. The event started at 7:30PM, with a crowd that slowly grew from a few dozen people to about 100. Before the number of attendees even reached 10, however, there were already police present. It made some attendees uneasy, but the police did not provoke us or mistreat us in any way. In fact, I made sure to thank a couple of them later on for their cooperation.

As OCAP states on their website, the cost of hosting the Pan Am games in Toronto has already exceeded $2 billion. And as one speaker stated to the protesters, no one is speaking against games being played in the city, the problem is that so much time, resources, and money is being spent for elite players to play in Toronto when that money could be better spent taking care of the local residents. A big concern of the locals is that as the days get closer to the event, there will be increased police targeting of poor people as part of “the social cleansing process that always accompanies international spectacles like the Games.”

Before the march started, we walked around the neighbourhood, and I can very easily agree that there are communities that could/should be helped more. It is always a harsh “slap back to reality” moment whenever I walk through the core of Toronto, and see first-hand how inefficient the current socioeconomic system we are trapped in, is. We need to update to something new, something better. And of course, as a member of TZM Toronto, to me, that alternative is to transition towards a Natural Law/Resource Based Economy.

For a short video of what the event looked like, please visit: 

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Written by: Ely & Rui, TZM Toronto

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