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IRBE/Toronto Tool Library Separation




The following are the reasons why we, The Zeitgeist Movement: Toronto Chapter, have ceased all relations with IRBE/Toronto Tool Library:

  1. IRBE/Toronto Tool Library (Executive Director, President, Board Members as of 2014) refused to transfer the proceeds, estimated at $1,700, from the Zeitgeist Day 2014 (Z- Day) event to The Zeitgeist Movement: Toronto Chapter, the rightful custodian. These funds are needed to purchase educational materials and fund future events. They also have refused to provide an accounting for the money raised and spent for Z-Day.

  2. Funnelled the sales of Z-Day tickets through their organization without approval of our core team. An estimated $9,000 was raised in this manner. An accounting for these proceeds has not been provided to us.

  3. Claimed that a speaker had offered to edit all Z-Day videos. About a week before Z-Day they then claimed that the speaker had decided not to do the editing. However, our team contacted said speaker and confirmed that this offer was never made in the first place. At that time they attempted to hire close associates of their organization to video and edit the speeches, for an estimated $2,500. When they were unable to follow through, they attempted to hire the significant other of one of their key members to edit the videos, for an estimated $1,200. In both cases, there were available and willing volunteers.

  4. Threatened to not pay the speakers who incurred expenses for Z-Day participation, even when this agreement was already made with these speakers.

  5. Manoeuvered to have speakers that were directly within and affiliated with their organization. Opportunity to speak was granted to organizations that either donated material goods and/or had a relationship with their organization. They also attempted to block anyone from speaking on Z-Day that they perceived were not in support of their goals.

  6. Refused to return property that belongs to the Toronto Chapter. These items are quite popular at the Toronto Tool Library and within their organization.

  7. Reneged on the original agreement of their founding to help promote The Zeitgeist Movement, its goals, train of thought and our local chapter. Previous members of our core team have assisted in building the two Toronto Tool Libraries and have promoted their activities.

  8. Used The Zeitgeist Movement: Toronto Chapter as the promotional arm of their organization, including using our communication tools, such as Meetup and our website. They advertised their events without approval or consultation of the Toronto Chapter core team.



Zeitgeist Toronto is the official Toronto Chapter of the Global Zeitgeist Movement. The Zeitgeist Movement advocates for a “Natural Law/Resource Based Economy” (NLRBE). This concept is different and unassociated to the “Institute for a Resource Based Economy” (IRBE). The two Toronto Tool Libraries are a project of IRBE, which were initially funded by government grants, donations and interest free loans. This project came to fruition with the help of previous members of our core team, and many other volunteers. As time went on, the Toronto Tool Libraries’ influence within our chapter grew, compromising the train of thought of The Zeitgeist Movement. Concerns were expressed along the way and meetings were held, only to hear from their mutual members that they see no difference between themselves and our train of thought. They believe that when they participate at the Toronto Tool Library, that they are performing as our core team. However, as time went by, it was also expressed that their organization was started with the goal of earning a living while supposedly promoting The Zeitgeist Movement’s train of thought. This notion is far from reality, as our train of thought does not support those goals.




The Global Zeitgeist Awareness Day or Zeitgeist Day (Z-Day) was hosted by Zeitgeist Toronto on March 14th, 2014. Prior to Z-Day, a decision was made by some core members of IRBE/Toronto Tool Library, who at the time were members of our core team, to funnel all proceeds for ticket sales through their organization. This decision was made without consulting the complete core team.

After Z-Day, many requests were made for an accounting of all expenses with receipts/invoices and a transfer of all remaining proceeds to Zeitgeist Toronto’s Community Fund (Z-Fund). This money would then be put towards funding future Zeitgeist related educational materials and events. These requests were ignored and outright refused. The total funds are thought to be around $9,000. The remaining funds after expenses, for which no proper accounting has been provided, are thought to be around $1,700. The initial reasoning for this refusal was in case editing the Z-Day videos required paid work. However, this should have not affected the accounting for the funds, or the transfer, as the money would still be freely available. In any case, the videos have been edited and posted by volunteers. No accounting or money has been received. Please note that they were given adequate time and they do possess the skills, as one of their members is a professional accountant.

During this time, it became clear they felt entitled to the money for their voluntary work. Just as they felt entitled to the money, they also felt entitled to keep our equipment that was specifically lent to the Toronto Tool Library, and was to be returned when the chapter requested them.

As mentioned, attempts were made to block anyone from speaking on Z-Day that they perceived were not in support of their goals, and to have speakers that were directly affiliated with their organization. Opportunity to speak was granted to organizations that either donated material goods and/or have business relationships with their organization. It has been mentioned by many people that this Z-Day event seemed like a promotion for their organization and that not enough Zeitgeist related materials were presented.




Zeitgeist Toronto is moving forward by removing any association with IRBE/Toronto Tool Library. In order to keep the movement healthy, we need to take an asserted stand on internal conflicts regarding the misuse of The Zeitgeist Movement, its chapters and members. This is one step towards helping The Zeitgeist Movement spread it’s message. The Zeitgeist Movement: Toronto Chapter apologizes to all volunteers that were mistreated by members of IRBE/Toronto Tool Library.


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TZM: New Year's Address‏


Dear Friends,

In the wake of the old year turning into the new, we find ourselves with a world unchanged. Or has it? The tremendous effort put out by individuals yourselves alike has had an impact and here is why!

Continued Financial crisis, Occupy & entering the Mainstream media and debates:

2011 was the year that opened the eyes to many, that the financial crisis was not a temporary event but an ongoing process that is not self-resolving but needs to be looked at thoroughly in order to be solved. Denial of crisis has been made impossible by many including the the Occupy movement late 2011 by demanding change in the form of protest. Consequently a lot of discussion has been raised about the functioning of our social and economic systems, hence allowing us to put forward information about and arguments in favour of a Resource Based Economic Model.

Various Chapters have reported priceless opportunities to appear and comment on national/commercial television in their countries and to speak on behalf of The Zeitgeist Movement trying to communicate our shared “train of thought”. Many chapters have had great success on the streets and hosting various events such as Zday’s, Media Festivals and of course Moving Forward screenings. While an immediate “skyrocketing” growth did not occur, seeds for thought were planted amongst many individuals whom may at some point reach the conclusion as have you and i; that we are in serious shit and and if we do not drastically change how we operate our society, we will be in even more.

The Movement and Moving Forward:

This past year has been tremendously turbulent on all levels of participation. It can be said with certainty that a young organised movement as ours has been put to the test in various ways such as:

  • Inhibition of participation of individuals due to a lack of financial resources
  • Public mockery by various parties or media
  • Organisational differences and consequential split with The Venus Project
  • Various administrative, technical and organisational challenges

However, we are still here and more solid and determined than ever. Soon to be published in some form an overview of Chapters will show how far our message is spreading. And we should continue to spread this information and engage our community on all levels possible. Some things to look forward to this year:

  • Regular/Monthly Updates (Audio & Video) on what our worldwide chapters are doing and coverage of events and media appearances
  • TZM Blog interlinked with various global & chapter sites in order to spread news and announcements fast and effective
  • More Global Campaigns executed by all or groups of Chapters
  • More and bigger Global event days
  • New people standing up to communicate the movement to the public on a “speakers” level (could be you?)
  • Improved and additional guides for various target audiences (Chapters, Newcomers etc)
  • Further solidifying of our organisation and daily operation as to have it operate in the background

Hopefully we will get through to even more people and groups of people. We will have to do it together. Respectfully not everyone can participate with the same time and energy, but if we all do our part we are undeniable. Being one of the few working on the Global Administration I can safely say that we are not 500.000 strong, its more than that. And if we assume the “train of thought” to be the core reason of this movement's existence, we are even bigger.

Motion implies the movement of something in particular and in this specific case requires the participation of individuals like us communicating this "train of thought" to others in order to arrive at a desired destination. Therefore i ask of yourselves a continuation of participation and of those of you that are new or not currently in a Chapter to join or start your local chapter and lend a hand if you are in the liberty to do so. I know i will keep doing my best to move this movement forward this year and hopefully many to come (provided a RBEM has not been adopted in the meantime haha) and i hope you will do the same. It is our world after all, and natural or out of world threats on the side, we are the only one's that can change it.

Gilbert Ismail
Global Chapters Administration (Team Head)
The Zeitgeist Movement

"We can build an economy that does not destroy its natural support systems, a global community where the basic needs of all the Earth’s people are satisfied, and a world that will allow us to think of ourselves as civilized. This is entirely doable".
-Lester Brown

Letter to Money. Pass it on.


Download, print and paste! Now that Christmas is coming, on December 23th, if you agree, help us make the Letter to Money viral! and change the economy of debt.

Either online or physically in your city ... pass it on! And if you record videos or take some photos, please send them to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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