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Why make the distinction between "Official and Non-Official"?

The term "official" used in this context means that a given public representantion of the Zeitgeist Movement is verified and being managed by active members of the movement in order to ensure an accurate representation of the before mentioned.
Please understand that, since the movement started growing, it has been subjected to many "desinformation attacks" mainly by individuals or groups whose actions have proven to be detrimental to the movement, these often utilize mediums in which the movement members in themselves cannot control or mediate, these mediums include but are not limited to facebook groups or pages, youtube channels, blogs, scam websites, fake twitter accounts, etc.
The only way to counter this is making an extra effort what the trustworthy sources by attributing the term official to those same sources.

What can i do to help spread the good information?

Generally, most people that utilize these social networking sites find things because of their activity, number of followers and feedback it gets. To avoid supporting misleading representations of the movement, one must simply:
  • Do not support these channels/pages/groups by liking/following/subscribing to them
  • Do not spread their links or content
  • If you spot a really misleading piece of content, proceed to denounce it publicly by commenting upon it if possible.

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