Note: If you are reading this page, we have to assume that:
- You already have a good grasp of the movement train of thought
- You want or are considering to become an active member in the movement.

While the issue of participation is very complex and could span across pages of text, we decided to make it as simple as possible for you to understand well.

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Regardless of your level of participation it is imported that you keep within reach of our news and announcements and help us get a idea of how much support do we actually have

1. Join our Global Mailing List (Where it says "Sign Up" on the right side)
2. Register an account in this chapter. (You will be presented with several mailing lists in which you can select from)

  • Decide on your level of participation

Note: You can participate in all 3 if you wanted, however you may encounter personal limitations to some of them due to time constraints or other pressures in your personal life.

Personal Activism/Passive online participation

The most basic, less time consuming and simple way you can help into bringing positive change to the current "Zeitgeist"[1] is by stimulating change and new trains of thought in your friends and family.

Recomended Lecture to watch: Activism 2.0

If you desire to approach your friends and family it is very important to be patient, while it is possible to change anothers person views with a talk or a video, it is unfortunely unlikely. Change in thought occurs when several sources in your environment point to a conclusion, if you find yourself to be the only source in something you will have to be patient and keep looking for results that your friends and family can relate to.

Tips to get started on personal activism:

1. Grab your own "Activism Kit" here.
2. Connect with Us on social networks if you use them.
3. Educate yourself. Explore our "Education" section
4. Keep an eye for news and announcements from us.  It is important to keep up.  

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