Z-Day 2015

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Our Z-Day event has been officially announced!

Date: April 11th, 2015
Time: 1:00PM to 5:00PM
Location: 252 Bloor Street West (OISE), Toronto, Ontario 
Room #: 2-212 (second floor)
Price: FREE (but please consider donating what you can to help cover the cost of the event)

To RSVP and for more details (including speakers and official program), please visit: Facebook or Meetup

To see a short promotional video, please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LeOa6Oeg0k

Hope to see you there!

TZM Toronto at Toronto’s Day of Action Against Bill C-51!

The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto attended the protest to stop Bill C-51 on Saturday, March 14th at Nathan Phillips Square – we handed out some flyers and communicated with our fellow Torontonians! Below, you will find some useful links to help you understand the bill, and some images/short video from the crowd that gathered at Nathan Phillips Square.

For a short video of what the event looked like, please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1rxt8oYcbI


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TZM Toronto supporting March Against Pan Am Games


The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto attended “Shelters Not Spectacles: Torchlight March Against the Pan Am Games!” on March 9th of 2015. The event started at 7:30PM, with a crowd that slowly grew from a few dozen people to about 100. Before the number of attendees even reached 10, however, there were already police present. It made some attendees uneasy, but the police did not provoke us or mistreat us in any way. In fact, I made sure to thank a couple of them later on for their cooperation.

As OCAP states on their website, the cost of hosting the Pan Am games in Toronto has already exceeded $2 billion. And as one speaker stated to the protesters, no one is speaking against games being played in the city, the problem is that so much time, resources, and money is being spent for elite players to play in Toronto when that money could be better spent taking care of the local residents. A big concern of the locals is that as the days get closer to the event, there will be increased police targeting of poor people as part of “the social cleansing process that always accompanies international spectacles like the Games.”

Before the march started, we walked around the neighbourhood, and I can very easily agree that there are communities that could/should be helped more. It is always a harsh “slap back to reality” moment whenever I walk through the core of Toronto, and see first-hand how inefficient the current socioeconomic system we are trapped in, is. We need to update to something new, something better. And of course, as a member of TZM Toronto, to me, that alternative is to transition towards a Natural Law/Resource Based Economy.

For a short video of what the event looked like, please visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdiqlhq0tvk 

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Written by: Ely & Rui, TZM Toronto

Tasting Insects at Ecofest!

The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto was at “Bug Bites” at the University of Toronto’s “Eco Fest.” Why? Not only are insects very nutritious, they are also more environmentally sustainable when compared to other livestock such as cows, pigs, chicken, etc. They use less water, land, and they convert food into protein much more efficiently than livestock. The growing human population also calls for a change in eating habits, eating insects tackles that problem fairly well. An example of a popularly consumed insect is mealworms, the larval form of a species of beetle that lives in temperate regions worldwide. They provide protein, vitamins, and minerals on par with those found in fish and meat.

Here are some articles where you can get more information on this topic:

How did they taste? Two of us from TZM Toronto attended, and we were surprised as to how good the BBQ roasted mealworms tasted. If eating insects on their own not your thing (odds are it currently isn’t), there also were brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and canapés with cricket hummus topped with the BBQ mealworms (as seen in the images). All the baked goods tasted normal, just as you would expect them to taste if they were made with regular flour, rather than cricket flour – which is what was used. Everyone we saw tasting the insect based foods seemed to enjoy it, one student even sprinkled his pizza with a bunch of them.

A quick search on Youtube and you can even find fairly easy “how to” videos on raising mealworms. Most do it to treat their chickens and what not with freshly grown mealworms, but it seems as though people should consider raising these things for their own consumption as well.

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Written by: Ely & Rui, TZM Toronto

April Public Meeting

The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto will be hosting a public meeting on April 2nd, from 6PM to 8PM at the 519 Community Centre (519 Church Street) in room 301.


  • Introductions
  • Brief Introduction to the Movement
  • Discussing Recent & Upcoming Events
  • Projects Team – What it is & How to get Involved
  • Z-Day 2015 (Update)
  • Open Discussions – Questions and Answers

New agenda topics may still be added until meeting date

Please remember to bring your questions, as we encourage active participation!

As always, this is a free event! Feel free to bring any friends and/or family!

After the meeting, we will go to a nearby establishment to talk in a less formal setting.

Hope to see you there,
TZM Toronto Core Team

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